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Each year, pests cause damages worth millions of dollars

Damaging homes, invading food supply and crops, and causing medical conditions are among the problems caused by pests. These problems translate to substantial economic harm to families and homes. Termites alone account for over 5 billion dollars in structural damage to homes in the U.S. Other pests, such as rodents, fleas, and bed bugs, cause medical and nuisance damages. Most pests often attack and go unnoticed until much harm has been done. Don’t wait for that to happen. Turn to professional pest control services of Home Front Pest Control for help.

Safe and effective pest control solutions from Home Front

Pests are a common widespread issue, responsible for causing extensive damage to property, from chewing through your home’s foundation to gobbling up crops, not to mention the many medical issues and diseases spread by pests. Dealing with any pest is one big nuisance, and if you don’t act fast, infestations only get worse, causing even more damage to your home. Thankfully, Home Front Pest Control has the equipment, expertise, and personnel to take care of any pest problem that’s bugging you.

Pest Control Services

Effective Pest Control

Home Front is proud to offer home pest control services using tools that always industry- and EPA-approved. Our methods are highly effective against your household pests. With many treatments, your family and pets don’t even need to leave the house.

Pest Control Services

No Pest is Too Tough

Our home pest control services cover a wide range of insects, arachnids, rodents, and other creepy-crawlies. Whether termites are chewing up your floorboards and furniture or rats are nesting in your attic and crawlspace, Home Front will apply professional control methods to eliminate the pests and keep them out for good.

Pest Control Services

Garden Pest Management

Our pest control services extend to your outdoor spaces, too. Starting a garden should be relaxing and enjoyable, but pests can completely ruin all your hard work by eating your fruits and veggies and butchering your beautiful begonias. Our eco-friendly garden pest control methods ensure that the pests stay away while your garden thrives.

Get professional services from Home Front’s professional staff

Home Front Pest Control is dedicated to superior quality and professional service to our customers. We offer regular maintenance plans taking into account your unique needs and budget. Whether you’re booking an appointment with our office staff or greeting our technicians and specialists at your door, we uphold the utmost courtesy, efficiency, and care.

If you need home or garden pest control, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection and evaluation.


"My experience with Home Front Pest Control was very positive from beginning to end. I appreciated the follow up call received from the office to confirm scheduled services as well as clarifying contractual commitments. The technician was punctual and very thorough. He took extra effort in insuring that our service needs were met and that I was completely satisfied with the work done. Thank you!"

- The Hernandez Family

Colton, CA